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5 Healthy Improvements for Your Home

With the start of Spring just around the corner, it's only a matter of time before the pressure of Spring Cleaning seems to creep in. Maybe this year, you’re ready to take it a step further and really "clean house." Even the slightest adjustments can improve the functionality of any home regardless of size, region or design. You may even find a use for that handmade Christmas gift from your nephew. Let’s take a look at these five simple home improvements that can offer a little levity throughout the year.


Plant It

You’ve heard of a house cat, right? Well, a houseplant makes a great addition to your little furry friend. Not only do houseplants create a filter of clean air throughout your home, studies have shown that houseplants can act as an inexpensive filtration system in the home. Bamboo, palms and even spider plants are excellent sources of fresh air. And they’re so pretty to look at!


Unplug It

"Plug it in, plug it in." The catchy phrase echoes in your ears as you wander the grocery store aisle, looking for the perfect scent. Those fabulous, invigorating scents of plug-in air fresheners are silent killers, clogging up filters and doing more harm than good. So, instead of grabbing the nearest toxic version of a Lavender Field, create your own version with plant-based essential oils, soy-based candles or even homemade scented wood blocks. Here are some of our favorite candles that do just that.


Invisible Bunnies

Did you know that the average household has 45 toxic chemicals in dust alone? These invisible foes are not friendly dust bunnies that lurk in your lampshade or gather on your bookshelf. If you want to test the dust in your home, open your curtains as if to let the sun in. Do see tiny particles dancing in the sunlight? If so, those particles are making their way into your food and lungs and are harmful to the quality of air. An air purifier with changeable filter and a thorough dusting will do the trick! Here are some offered by Amazon!


Let There Be Light

Now is the time to change the dark curtains or window design, or even add another source of light into your home. Sometimes it’s a simple rearrangement of furniture that can enhance the light presence. Bad lighting (or no lighting) can really affect the brain. In fact, studies show that light deprivation is linked to depression and behavioral issues. Swap a sheer layer of bright and cheery colors for your window panels or add a floor or ceiling light to your rooms.


Decorate It

Give your home a makeover. Handmade decor, paintings, artwork and other elements perk up your living space, offering more than just a "home" feel. A cozy and personalized space can be necessary for a healthy and happy functional home. In fact, studies show that there is a strong, healing connection between art and public health, especially in the home. Hire your artist friend to create something classic and personalized for your home. Take some time to create a handmade picture frame for a family photo or have your children make something special. Whatever personal element you add to your décor, make it fun. Make it something that generates positive, healthy thoughts.