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5 Tips to Make Your Home Office Space Design Work Better for You

To get as much done as possible when you work from home, you want to make sure that you have the right office space. Research shows that office organization and design plays a big part in health, well-being, and overall productivity. If you're struggling to find the right setup, the following tips can help you create a healthy home office space so that you maximize productivity and reach your work goals.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is common — but it has to go! Minimalism is key to your workspace. Take a look at your desk and decide what items are most important. If it isn't a necessary item, pack it away. A desk that is too cluttered can be distracting and can cause stress.
Experiment with office organization solutions like filing systems and fun containers. Don't be afraid to support handmade while designing your home office area. Handmade items will inspire you and make your office space feel unique.
You may need to play around with your new system until you feel more comfortable with it. Once you know where everything belongs, it'll be easy to keep your office area clutter-free. It'll make your space look great, too!

Add Plants to Your Workspace

Adding plants to your home workspace is another design improvement that can boost productivity. Studies show that plants can increase concentration and can increase productivity by 15%. Adding plants can also dress up the look of your office. If you have pets, be sure to consider possible plant toxicity when looking for the best office plants to buy. Bamboo, spider plants, and cushion moss are great plants that are perfectly fine to have around your fur pals!


Improve Lighting

If you have a dull office space, it can be hard to see your work clearly, and you may feel uninspired. Poor lighting can cause headaches and can lead to less productivity and increased fatigue. So, open up your blinds and curtains to let more natural light—this is called daylighting. Research studies show that exposure to daylighting during the workday can allow for better sleep and overall quality of life. This can lead to better success at work, too. Bringing in more natural light can also make your office area look more welcoming.

Invest in a Quality Office Chair

The design of your desk chair is important, but comfort is crucial. If you have a chair that you're constantly adjusting, it can be hard to focus on your work. Having a more comfortable chair can help you get work done faster, have more energy and make fewer errors.
Try shopping for a new chair in person so that you can play around with the height and other adjustments. This can also give you a better idea as to whether you can work comfortably for several hours at a time. There are chair options in a mix of price ranges, but we highly suggest the Herman Miller chair—it offers great comfort and it's stylish, too.

Use Calming Colors in Your Office Design

Playing with color is another great way to improve your office look and design. Wall color can also influence mood. Blue coloring, for example, can offer a more calming effect than other colors. If you're open to adding a fresh coat of paint, consider how the new color will integrate with the decor of your room, but also think about how the color change may affect your mood. A wellness interior designer can help you choose the right color.
By making improvements to your home office and considering wellness design in your home, you can also improve your mood and productivity. There are many great social impact products for the home that can help you achieve your design goals.