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How to have clean air in the home and improve your heart

 Your heart is the engine that powers your body. As you know, without the heart, we would be unable to live on this beautiful earth. Where am I going with this? YOU will see!!!


Did you know the cardiovascular system is responsible for supplying oxygen & nutrients to the body & transporting toxins & waste out?

What does this mean?

It means the environment that we live in and breathe in everyday affects our cardiovascular system.

But how does the heart relate to your home design?

By implementing wellness design principles at home, we can positively affect the health of your heart when it comes to air, nourishment, fitness, comfort, and mental health. For the purpose of this article though, we are just going to focus on the air we breathe.  

Photo by 张 学欢 on Unsplash

Now let’s break it down… Air, water Your Heart

Like the other organs in your body, your heart will function optimally if you ensure that you have access to fresh, clean air and water. Especially in cities where the air quality can sometimes be less than ideal, it is wise to invest in an air filtration and purification system at home.

It is important to regularly clean your air conditioning unit & filters once a month. You can do this by adding a cup of diluted bleach or equivalent and hot water to the pipes that connect to your system. We also recommend a non-allergenic filter. You can choose to purchase disposable or reusable filters that you wash. Either way, it is great maintenance for your home and your health. Here is an Example: 

 Also, opening your windows to let air circular through your home is another way to ensure that you always have fresh air.


Here are a few more tips that will improve the quality of the air in your home:

  • Read the labels on paint and cleaning products and only use products that are VOC-free and contain no harmful chemicals. We recommend..
  • Deal with mold and mildew as it happens. Vinegar is a great antimicrobial and can be applied to affected areas without dilution. Leave it for a few minutes and then scrub off the mildew with a brush.

 Thanks for being apart of the movement, more to come!