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A Million Reasons Why We Design...

There are a million stories I could tell of why I came into design, but I think that the fastest and most articulate way is to say, I too wanted to make the world a better place.

I saw problems that were not solved in the physical environment that we lived in, so I set out to study... and study hard... so that I could become a designer... a problem solver... a creator.

Then I met a lot of wonderful people along the way, and I got to learn their stories… each one teaching me something different. I went back to school to learn design, but in return, I learned how to think outside the box and become aware that I can never stop learning.

Now I want to make sure that knowledge doesn’t go to waste and gets paid forward.

So, we set up a blog about healthy living in the built environment so that anyone can have the knowledge to make healthy choices for their family, team, or just be an avid learner. Then I realized I wanted to help people find these healthy products... so we curated a collection. And finally talking wasn’t enough... so I made sure we are designing, better, healthier places as well. We want to teach you, help you, and provide solutions for you.  

Just like life, design isn’t black in white... it is grey… welcome to Grey Design.

I am glad you are here and I hope you stick around.


Thanks for being a part of the movement to make lives healthier!





Ashley Marshall is the founder and visionary behind Grey Design, a boutique interior design firm that incorporates the principles of the WELL Building Standards into homes and offices. Her design practice specializes in creating holistic and beautiful spaces within the emerging field of combined live/work/play real estate projects. She received a  Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from George Washington University and has worked for Architecture firms in Virginia, DC,  & Abu Dhabi. She has now relocated with her awesome husband who is a Veteran and pit bull, Samson.