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Sunflower & Sweet Mariposa Lily Hand-Poured Candles


The design of the candle is sleek and edgy. The black and gold look great in any space while providing a smell that is clean and refreshing. Made with essential oils and a coconut oil base. The matchbox shares a powerful story about the woman that inspired this particular candle while showing a bold picture of her strength.
The story: The first female Native American medical doctor who witnessed firsthand the ravages of disease and poverty on the reservations. She would eventually establish a hospital and lobby Congress for better living conditions & healthcare on behalf of indigenous people.

Weight: 11 oz | Burn Time: 55 hours

Hand-poured in California. The holder can be repurposed after-burn. 

Made using all-natural, organic coconut wax.

Infused with essential oils.

Wood wick cover.


Sunflower & Sweet Mariposa Lily Hand-Poured Candles